Tuesday, July 1, 2014

To my closest friends...

If there was one person in the world I felt comfortable enough taking care of business while on the phone it would be YOU!

P.S. Sometimes I like re-doing artwork in a different medium just to see what happens.


Rico said...

Hello Tera:

My second career is Web / Graphic design, and I started at the age of 55.. Now I am sixty. Can't find a good job, so only have a bit of freelance clients. I am trying to draw / illustrate people so that I can be more marketable. If possible, give me some advice, thank you...

Tera Grasser said...

Hi Rico,

My advice is to practice drawing from life as much as possible. I started off tracing, then copying without tracing... then drawing from life. If possible it is also helpful to take art classes... perhaps some that may be offered in your community or at a college as continuing education. Good luck!

Rico said...

Hi, I am Rico again.

Thank you for your reply! That's a great one.

1. Starting off tracing,
2. Copying without tracing,
3. Drawing from life

Your short notes tell a lot!